About the Voice

My story: “I have been playing seriously, recording and performing since I became a man at 22 or so. My music family roped me into music at an early age.”

Gregos Music with Grandpa and Father on Drums
Grandpa and Dad were in touring, recording on nationally broad-casted projects ever since I could remember They would take me to shows get me up there and we would get the crowd roaring! It’s a funny thing to give a child of 9 the power to rock a stage and then take that same attitude to school. They had me singing Willie Nelson – On the Road Again, John Anderson Swinging before I ever kissed a girl. Coincidentally, that first summer I became a part of the show; I did find the apple of my eye, put some miles under my feet and developed some rockstar-esque social antics in class and the playground. Pre-emptively my parents quickly moved me to the country – it proved to be good for my values + schooling.

I suppose you never know how something like that affects you as a person – that is until you leave an engineering degree, abandon a life of hard academic work to sooth a craving you couldn’t quite place for a decade or so. Trust me, I have no regrets about where I ended up – just wish I knew how potent the music bug is when the blood runs thick – could have made myself a music nerd instead of a computer one. Now the mission is renewed with the passing of Grandpa Bill Hersche passing to cancer and I have had a tribute guitar made up in his honor. Aptly labeled “Inspire the Young” – Carmen (guitar name) is a reminder of that life that was given/inspired within me and a vow I have made to do the same and eventually get her, Carmen – and my Grandpas memory into a hall of fame – somewhere – for another generation to see. They were the best entertainers around in those days!

I suppose I am still that kid chasing that next rush – to give them something they never seen before. For that I just want to say thanks to my family, fans, friends new and old; who told me it was ok to go down this road, alone – into the unknown.”